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Moondancer has been a huge part of my life for the past 5 years, providing a constant source of happiness. He is a golden oldie, and at 24 Mooney shows no sign of slowing down. He was a show pony in a previous life but with me he has learnt to jump, proving very scopey - he bombs round the fences and absolutely loves it; a joy to ride. However, in the time he's been with us so far, Mooney has also suffered drawbacks.....He contracted uveitis a couple of years ago and despite our best efforts he lost one of his eyes due to the infection. At first we weren't sure how he would cope but he remained his wonderful self, we were so relieved to see him without the pain his eye was causing and full of character again.

Just a few months ago, Mooney got himself into trouble by falling into a deep water, filled ditch. This was terrifying for both him and us. he struggled for over 4 hours in the cold and dark. We all feared we would lose him. I had to lie on the ground and reach down to hold his head above the water at one point, he was very tired after fighting to get out for so long. Thankfully, after 4 fire engines, 2 vets and the help of our livery yard at the time, Mooney was lifted out. He was dirty and shaking but without a single cut or injury. He has recovered from his ordeal well and has moved home to our family farm where we can make sure he can't get into any more mischief!

The necklace is an incredible momento, it means I can always have a little part of my best friend alongside me. It reminds me of Mooney and his bravery and trust. Throughout everything he's kept going and I find that as admirable as the pony himself.  Katherine, January 2019









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