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Millie and I were a partnership for nearly 23 years (which is over half my life).

She was a present from my late grandfather, which made her even more precious. My mum and I already had our lovely George which we shared, but he was getting old and I wanted something younger so I would be able to compete again. 

My mum's friend was selling Millie, so I went along but told mum on the way I wasn't really interested as I didnt want a mare and I definitely didnt want a youngster. I whistled this tiny little filly in the field and she lifted her head, cantered over to me and shoved her nose in my face. Well, that was it, I was in love.

We worked hard together to become a brilliant team. Hours and hours of schooling which lead to Millie becoming a school master. We won overall champions of our riding club 2004 and many many more first places together. 

We loved to jump, Millie was such a brave bold mare. We tried our hand at dressage, but often got penalised for leaving the arena at a canter. But where Millie truly excelled was in the show ring. We won so many in hand and ridden championships together. 

Millie was with me through all the difficult times in my life. She always knew when I was upset and would just put her head on my shoulder as if she was giving me a cuddle. More recently she has had to put up with my 2 children wanting to brush her and ride her out to the field. 

Millie battled with fibrous of the lungs and COPD, but was always so forward going and excited to be ridden. Sadly, in December 2021 we noticed a nasal discharge and foul smell coming from Millies mouth.  As a qualified equine and small animal veterinary nurse I knew this went good. We tried everything we could but the vet was very honest with us. After 2 weeks of treatment Millie started to go off her haylage and I knew that day I had to make the hardest decision and let her go. 

I stayed with Millie the whole time and spent some time with her once she had gone. 

She was only 24 years old. I feel cheated, but take comfort knowing she was mine and I gave her the best life ever. 

Its now been 14 weeks and I'm still completely lost without her. I had the most beautiful browband made for my mums birthday January (see photo). Mum's horse Dexter and Millie were companions for 17 years. Now when they go riding we have comfort in knowing a little bit of Millie is still with them.  

Kate April 2022



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