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I bought Oliver as a just backed 3 year old in 2019.   He was such a superstar and tried his heart out in everything thrown at him.  

We had a few set backs, as everyone does, with illness and lameness etc.   
By summer 2021 he was 5 years old and had really grown into himself and gained in so much confidence.   
We were out competing at intro and prelim dressage and he was just getting better and better.  Going into winter he was just awesome.  
We did a pole clinic on the 21st December and he felt his best yet.   
I was so excited for the year ahead.  

However, on Christmas Eve 2021 Oliver developed, what we later discovered to be, trigeminal headshaking syndrome.  
He had a head CT and we tried every known treatment along with trial treatments and old wives tales.   
We left no stone unturned.   
Sadly nothing helped him.   
He was in constant pain and the look on his face just broke me.  
9 days after his 6th birthday and three months after his first symptom, on the 24th March we let him go, pain free.    

Oliver 15.03.16 – 24.03.22


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