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Dallas was the offspring of the famous Lloyds Bank Black Horse. She had been rescued by my friend becuase they were going to put her to sleep due to being slightly pigeon toed, as she could not be seen from that stallion if she was not perfect. She was given to me and was going to be my next para horse as I am an above the knee amputee. 

Dallas was the happiest, sweetest mare to be around and just loved her young life.

In October 2015 I was given the dreadful news that she had Lymphoma and that nothing could be done for her. They wanted to test to see how far advanced she was but I said no as nothing could be done and I didnt want her to suffer for no reason, I would know what stage she was at.

We shared a lovely few months with Dallas, allowing her to just be a young horse and enjoy her life and we did a few local shows so that she could have some fun.

Then in October 2016 she started to lose her sparkle and I knew her time had come and no matter how hard it was to let her go, I could not let her suffer.

She still looked fabulous and that made it harder, but I knew she would go down hill and so had to let her go. 

We had a super day and the vet came in the afternoon. As Dallas went to sleep and I hugged her on the ground my older mare, Ebony called from the field and I knew she was gone and my heart was truly broken.

Dallas was far too young and taken far too soon but she is pain free. If love could have saved her she would have lived forever. (Dallas 24 October 2016)

Christina, May 2017









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