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Comet & Oggie

My parents bought me a Circle of Friendship necklace made with the horsehair from my two horses and I absolutely love it! 

I always loved horses and my mum let me start lessons when I was very little. As I got older my mum agreed we could buy a horse (yay!) ...but I had to earn it. I spent all my school holidays mucking out at my local yard to prove myself and eventually I was allowed to buy a horse. 

I was 11 when we brought Comet and we learnt so much together and now have an amazing bond where we trust each other with our lives.

Later, we moved him to a new yard and he was lonely so we decided to buy a second horse. 

When we went to visit Oggie, with a view to buy him, he was not what we were expecting! He was skin and bone and had clearly been very neglected. We couldn't leave him there!! It took us ages to nurse him back to full health and get riding him, only to reveal a very cheeky pony.

I'm now 33, still have both my boys and they are simply family. They have been there for me through so much and helped me grow into the adult I am now; they even appeared at my wedding and kept my mum sane through chemo!

I have a lot to thank my boys for (& my mum!) and I can't imagine my life without them. Emily, January 2021


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