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They say that there is always one horse that you have a particularly special connection with and that horse for me was Indi. 

I bought him seven years ago as a pony to bring on and learn together. The first few months of having him he was very nervy and suspicious but it did not take long before we became the best of friends. He was by no means an easy horse which made each ride more exciting (we did get sent home from one Pony Club xc rally for his naughty behaviour!). 

I had many happy years at Pony Club with him, with some of my fondest memories at Pony Club camp. We did the dressage and show jumping teams which did cause quite a stir as we got eliminated at area show jumping twice but I was so chuffed with him as he jumped number 3 a particularly scary jump for a horse who wasn't keen of teddy bear fillers.
We were so in sync with each other that when my back was out of place he would not canter on the right leg until I had it fixed, I could tell when he needed certain things and he could always sense when I was sad, pushing his nose into my face. He was a horse that loved to be ridden and loved to be out there with other horses enjoying himself. We had such fun going out with friends round various cross-country courses which was his best quality.

After five fun filled years I was sitting my A Levels and Dad said I needed to loan him out. We took great care in choosing him a lovely home at a riding school we knew up the road. I was absolutely devastated that he was going and spent the whole day on his back crying. I t turns out Indi did not want to go either as within 5 days the lady rang up and said he had bucked everybody off, he had bolted, they couldn't get near him in the stable and he just wouldn't settle. He was always cheeky and liked the odd leap but this was so unlike him so Mum went and fetched him immediately. He practically ran on the trailer, straight in his stable at home, did a big sigh and never bucked, bolted or was tricky to catch since (my parents think I told him to be naughty but I think he just missed his mummy).

Luckily, despite the big horsey distraction I did well in my A Levels and got into University. At this time Indi was getting older and although he had never been sick or sorry he was beginning to feel a bit sore on his hind leg. We spoke to the vet regularly about it who advised us we just needed to wrap him up in cotton wool and do light hacking. We bought magnetic boots, new rugs and pampered him silly. I think he knew that he needed to slow down and enjoy the hacking we did, although he still liked to leap about now and then. I came back from university regularly to ride him and face timed him often on mum's phone.

On January 7th my Dad rang me to tell me Indi had been acting strangely so they called the vet immediately. He was diagnosed with colic, something he had never had before and although they had given him drugs to ease the pain it would only get worse. We all made the decision together to have him put down in the field next to the house. I don't think that flea bitten grey pony ever understood how much he had touched not only my heart but the whole family. We had used Tail End Jewellery before but the bracelet of my precious boy's tail is a treasure I shall cherish forever. Thank you so much Tail End Jewellery for helping keep my lovely Indi close to me.



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