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I met Glen when I started taking riding lessons back in 2015 after losing my job (I know what you are thinking, horse riding is the most expensive hobby ever!). He was a 5 year old bright bay thoroughbred who had just come out of racing. I fell for him instantly as he was like a Ferrari compared to the other horses on the yard. After a while I took him on loan so we could spend more time together outside our lessons.

As time passed I leaned more and more about horse ownership and eventually felt ready to have my first horse. I was sad that I had to give Glen up as he really enjoyed the one to one attention that he didn't get in his racing days.

I had to take a day off for my birthday and went to see Glen down a the yard. I was riding in the school when the staff came in with a birthday card, they handed it to me and said open it quick! I opened it and it said "Happy Birthday Jennifer, I'm yours if you want me, lots of love Glen" I was over the moon at this point and delighted we'd be staying together as a team. I went on to purchase Glen and I'll never forget the good times we had especially those gallops up the grass tracks.

Sadly, Glen passed away in July last year after a tragic field accident during a thunder storm and it's almost a year to the day he'll have been gone. We only had two years together but he'll always be my first horse and has a special place in my heart. Glen helped me believe that although racehorses can be challenging they are equally as rewarding if you put the time and effort in.

Since he passed I went on to get another racehorse who was a bit broken after injury. We are now well on with our schooling and we are enjoying hacks together but I wouldn't be doing any of it if it wasnt for Glen.

A huge thanks to Tail End Jewellery for making the beautiful bracelet and necklace so I can always have him with me. 

Jennifer, July 2019



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