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I got Woody soon after I turned 10. As he was my first pony, he was always that little bit more special to me than any other.

Woody was the definition of my biggest dream come true, he was everything I'd ever wanted. 

I did my first proper competition on him, fist cross country, first dressage competition, first pony camp, first everything!

He always tried his heart out for me and did anything I asked of him. 

He was known as 'the cheeky one' on the yard, any food that was within a metre of him, he wanted some. Any stretches of grass out on a hack and he saw a perfect place to gallop. He was cheeky and quirky but that was my favourite parts about him.

Woody was one of those ponies that hides pain so incredibly well, every single morning without fail he would whinny at me, even up to his last day. he always looked such a healthy and happy boy. 

One of my most precious memories of him was on his last day. I leaned over his stable door and without hesitation he leaned over to me and nuzzled my face. 

He was there throughout the ups and downs, if I was having a bad day i would go into his stable and either give him treats or lay on his back and cuddle him. Sometimes it would get to late at night and I suddenly missed him so much, and we'd drive to the yard just to see him and instantly I felt a million times better.

We made the very hard and very sudden decision to put him to sleep just before my 15th birthday. Only at this time, my saddest, i couldn't go into his stable and cuddle hi and make it all go away. 

Having his tail made into a beautiful bracelet gave me a huge sense of comfort, that a part of him is here with me.

I wish I could hear his morning whinny one more time, hear his excited whicker everytime he sees his dinner, take late night trips to see him whenever I'm feeling sad.

I wish he could be here today, tomorrow, and every day after that but I am so grateful to have this little piece of woody to keep here with me forever.

I can thank you enough Alison. Tia, April 2021



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