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At about 3 months old I moved into a new house with a neighbouring field for horses.

When I was about 2 yrs old I was allowed to be around them and sit on them but by 3-4 I had a favourite, Cobby. He wasn’t new to the yard however due to his previous owners was terrified and would let anyone catch him out in the field or even feed him you had to put the food on the floor and step back. I guess I was less intimidating to him because I was little but we bonded and he did anything I asked of him. 

I even competed him in the England and Wales championship at 5.5 years old and just looked like a little dot because he’s was 14.3. 

Bless him, he did any new discipline I had seen in a program and wanted to try. He just did what he thought I wanted and smiled all the way round. And I know ‘horses can’t smile’ but the look in his eyes you could tell he was so proud. 

The day he passed I was supposed to be on a school trip I was really excited about it and anxious to get going however something told me to stay home I wasn’t sick I wasn’t scared I just didn’t go. 

Later that day I got a call saying he went down in the field and couldn’t get up. I was very sad to see him pass however he was in his favourite place outside the showring and with all the people he loved. 

I hope there is horse heaven because then he’ll be able to move like his 2 yr old brain and cause trouble. 

He was 36 when he died however still far too young he was still being ridden that’s what kept him going feeling useful and making people happy. 

That’s the story of Cobby 1.40 affiliated showjumper turn riding instructor for all ages.

Thank you for letting me purchase some of your jewellery now there will always be a little of him left behind.

Orla Webster



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