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I got Tommy when I was 11 and he was 14 after wanting a horse for what felt like my whole life.

He was a horse of many first I had my first canter, fall, jump, show and clinic all with Tommy. We spend endless hours out hacking through the forests when he first arrived. We went on to compete at local shows before deciding to try our hand at western and liberty, where we also competed and took part in many fun days. I’d also spend many a happy hour sitting out in the field with him.

Having only had a few riding lessons before getting Tommy I bumbled around horse ownership to begin with. He’d stand patiently with his rug on inside out and back to front while I tried to figure out how it worked and wouldn’t move a muscle when my saddle slipped completely underneath his belly after I forgot to tighten my girth. He was also a great teacher and would frequently buck me off if I let him canter around the arena on the wrong lead. Over time I did progress and later retaught my mum to ride on Tommy.

The day before we lost Tommy I remember seeing him out in the field on one beautiful day in March playing with my recently purchased appaloosa, Texas. It’s the slight of the two of them out there on that lovely day that remains so strongly in my mind whenever I think of him.

Loosing Tommy after spending more than half my life with him was truly devastating. Having his hair made into a bracelet means he is once again a constant presence in my life.   Francine, July 2022



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