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It is every little girls childhood dream to own their very own pony. Well at the age of just 3 years old my dream had already come true. But as a young girl you also know at some point this dream will come to an end and after 16 years together on 30th May 2020, my dream ended as I lost my boy.

Toby was a Welsh Section A pony who stood at 11.2hh and just aged 12 the day I got him. Toby taught me everything I know about horses today and he was such a kind, gentle pony who always looked after me.

He was there for me when I was happy, he comforted me when I was sad and he always listened to me when I needed a chat. 

In 2009 we decided to compete in our first ever gymkhana. Toby aged 17 and I just aged 8. That was the best day of our lives winning rosette after rosette and being able to show the world my pony. 

The years went on and our bond got stronger and stronger and I loved him more and more everyday. But then aged 29 the cracks started to show. Toby became very poorly with cushings disease and on the 30th May 2020 I sadly lost my boy. 

After 16 years together and being my first ever pony losing someone so special is so incredibly sad and leave a big hole in your heart. I am absolutely heartbroken I have lost my boy and I will never forget him. 

And thanks to Tail End Jewellery I can now wear my boy everyday and him with me where ever I go. I had a ring and snaffle bit bracelet made with Toby's mane and I can't tell you how much I love them, thank you. Georgia July 2020



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