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This is my beautiful boy Stan, also known as Devonia Plains back in his racing days. Stan was never a great racehorse! He preferred being at the back than anywhere near the front! His highest placing was 3rd.

Stan came into my life 7 years ago. I used to ride him occasionally in between his owner hunting him. I instantly developed a bond with Stan and fell head over heels in love with him. He was so gentle and kind; nothing like I expected a thoroughbred to be.

A couple of years later, Stans owner sold him to me. I felt like a little girl again who had her very first horse! Stan and I had lots of fun being happy hackers and doing the occasional fun ride together.

A few years later, Stan became very lame and we discovered that he had Coffin Joint Disease along with the start of Navicular. Stan was alos very flat footed so he had special front shoes made with a heel on. We called him Stiletto Stan! After this I didn't ride Stan much until eventually I retired him. He had never been so happy, being a lazy pampered horse!

Stan was really content and happy up until his last day with me. I lost him on Sunday 6th January 2019 at approx 11am. He died of colic. He had been fine the day before; I had been to the farm twice on Saturday and there had been no indication of anything being wrong. I got a phone call at 8.20am on the Sunday morning and about 3 hours later he was gone. It left myself, my mum and my partner, Gemma, in absolute shock.

We miss Stan so much and I hope the Forever Heart Necklace I had made will bring me some comfort as I can keep him close to me. 

I have my memories and the love I have for him will remain. He was the most caring, gentle, kind horse - my one in a million.

Goodbyes aren't forever. It's just a way of saying "I'll miss you until we meet again"

Sarah, March 2019



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