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9 years ago this pony, Sam, came into my life. 

My riding instructor instructor suggested I tried him. I went to see him and loved him to ride but on the ground he was a character! I sat outside his stable discussing with my mum if we were going to take him on loan and whilst sitting there he pulled me hair and then stole my pringles, from that moment we knew he was the one.

He took me from a nervous rider to jumping round Hickstead! Every girls dream! We attended lots of pony club events where he was well known and was a true favourite for his cheeky grumpy personality.

After 3 years on loan he sustained an injury his owner said she couldn't take him back so my mum gave up everything to give me my dream and purchase him for me knowing at 23 he may not recover but we took the chance and was willing to have an expensive lawnmower as he was my best pal.

After a year of trying to get him sound he hacked a few times but that was it. 

In 3 years he gave me everything and owed me nothing. He was always there with his head over the door ready to listen to my days story, he was there through the ups and downs and just being with him made everything better.

On October 2nd I was induced to bring my baby girl into the world. Little did I know on this day my world would change forever in two ways; my baby was born and my pony of a lifetime took ill.

My mum called to say something wasn't right and she was calling the vet out. I had a c section and was kept in hospital for three days. In those three days he had another vet call out and was diagnosed with laminitis. 

When I came out of hospital I went to see him and he looked at me and I knew he couldn't fight it, in just one moment I knew. We had x rays to confirm how bad it was and for a pony who never had it before it was a case of long term box rest with no clear view in sight. 

I knew it was time to say goodbye and I will forever be grateful he held on to meet my baby girl and for me to see him again after having her. 

I promised I'd be there until the end and now he'll be by my side forever in the beautiful ring that was created.

Laura, November 2021



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