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My daughter, Meg and I were introduced to Ralphie back in 2007. He was in a field not really doing anything and we eventually managed to part loan him. A year later, we bought him.

Meg and Ralphie soon became firm friends and soulmates. He had a few problems at first with his health and Meg patiently brought him through that and slowly back into work. After that, she kept him fit and healthy. They loved hacking over the downs, along the beach or just having fun in the sand school. She loved riding and he loved being ridden! They trained hard to take part in cross country events, show jumping and even won their class in the local Ashey Scurry Event! They were both so proud!

Ralphie was such a character. Unfortunately he was a door banger and would drive everyone mad with his banging, but they soon realised that all he wanted was a cuddle and some fuss! He would turn his back end on you, but he only wanted his rump scratched! He would let you muck out whilst he was in the stable, but if you then wheeled the barrow just outside his stable and turned your back for a second, he would nudge it with his nose and upturn the entire contents all over the ground, then look at you innocently! He was such an amazing, honest, gentle character.

When Meg moved away to work with horses, it was then my turn to look after Ralph. I started riding again after a break of about 10 years and loved it! He gradually helped me regain my confidence when riding and I was looking forward to achieving so much more with him.

Then, this year, he became lame and we discovered he needed a routine operation on his annular band, which he had and it went well. We were therefore devestated when, the following day, we heard that he had suddenly died of a heart attack. 

All of a sudden, a huge void has been left in our lives. Our handsome, beloved Ralphie has gone. So, with Meg's 21st birthday just a few weeks later, I sent some of his hair to be made into a beautiful bracelet so that she can keep close to her at all times.

Sarah   June 2015


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