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Just before the first lockdown my husband and two young sons moved to a smallholding in West Wales to fulfil our dreams of owning our own horse.

Three weeks after we moved in we bought Queenbee.

 A lovely Gypsy Cob full of feather and the most kindest and gentlest mare you could ever meet. She was small enough for my boys to learn to ride, and they became best friends.

 She would  always greet you with a “neigh” whether it be in her stable or in the field.

 In June 2021, we noticed Queenbee was dragging her back leg and immediately asked for the vet to come and investigate. After various test and x-rays it was deemed she had developed osteoarthritis of the hocks and forelocks.  The vets suggested she should go to the equine hospital for stem cell treatment.

 After five days she was allowed home. We saw improvement over the coming months.

 During early April 2022  Queenbee was once again, dragging the same leg and looked generally uncomfortable. The vet visited, took more x-rays and sadly the osteoarthritis had spread into her back, hips and neck.

 With careful advice from the vets it was decided as she was in so much pain and there was not a lot more the vet could do for Queenbee she was put to sleep on 14th April 2022.



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