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Puzzle is an 11.3hh Welsh Section A mare. She became part of my life about 20 years ago when my parents were looking for a ride and drive pony for me. 

Puzzle came from a lovely family in Glasgow where she had been shown in hand as a youngster and their daughter had ridden her at local shows - often opting for the fancy dress classes! Fun rides and treasure hunts were attended too. 

I competed Puzzle as a Junior Driver, taking part in events, both indoors and outdoors all over Scotland and England.

Dressage wasn't always our strongest point, although when we both put our minds to it, and remembered to breathe, we came out having not done too bad! 

Cones were more exciting, but our favourite part was the obstacles! For a little pony she definitely knew how to let the handbrake off! There were times we were matching, if not faster, than some of the big horses.

Over the years we collected a lot of rosettes including Best Allrounder 2003, Scottish Outdoor Junior Champion 2005 & 2007, Indoor Junior Champion 2005 & 2007, Best Junior 2003 & 2005 and Scottish Indoor Junior Champion 2004. 

Of course we had our less successful times too, tears and tantrums but the highs and lows helped us grow. 

Every event we competed at, Puzzles previous owners would come and watch us. it was lovely to have their support and over the years we built up a special friendship with them.

Around 2012 Puzzle went into semi retirement and in 2014 she went into full retirement. She had worked extremely hard so she deserved it! 

Ever since I got Puzzle I wanted to be able to look out of my house window and see her in the field. In 2017 my dream came true when we bought our house with some land! Now every morning I walk out the house she is there with her friends Jack and Cody whinnying at me for her breakfast! 

Time flies when we are all having fun and at the start of may 2021 we celebrated Puzzles 30th birthday! We had a lovely lunch with Puzzles previous owners and I gifted them the Circle of Friendship Pendant I had made from Puzzles hair. 

Of all our wins over the years creating such a special friendship was our biggest win of all.

Thanks again for helping make her special birthday one to remember! Christine, May 2021



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