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Poem came to me when I was 11 years old.  She was a rescue pony and was about three years old when I got her. She was in every way an unsuitable first pony; scared, untrained and at times dangerous. She would rear and buck and bite and kick, but she could also be very sweet and loving.

We worked together, doing lots of ground work and building up to riding. Over the 23 years we spent together we became so in-tune with one another that there was never any need for leg aids or using reins. I would just tell Po what to do and she would do it. I always believe we never 'tamed' Po, she just decided I was an ok human and she didn't mind carrying me about on her back.

She lived a long and colourful life; a terrible bout of laminitis at 9 that saw her stabled for a year, she impaled herself on a fence post and got bitten on the nose by a rottweiler. Throughout it all she remained an amazing character and my best friend. She was loved by the whole family - my mum and dad caring for her just as much as me. 

As she got older riding became too much, so we took to walking in-hand about the local village in her funky lime-green pony trainers. She loved to be groomed and itched and always had a friendly whicker or whinny.

As she got older her guts stopped working properly. She eventually ended up with impaction colic and died with her head in my arms.

She will always be my best friend and my soulmate and I will miss her until the day I die.

Having Alison's jewellery makes me feel like Po is still with me. I am immensely grateful for the service Tail End Jewellery offers.

The jewellery is beautiful, but its also the most valuable thing I own, because it's my last remaining link to Po. Thank you Alison for bringing comfort at such a sad time. Sara, July 2021



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