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This is my wonderful pony Pepper. I have one of the Braided Horseshoes from Horseshoe Hearts and Tail End Jewellery. For some reason I don't want horsehair jewellery while Pepper is still with me. But this horseshoe means that if the worst happens and I can't sort something out at the end of his life, I will always have something that was part of him.

The moment it arrived it became my most prized possession. It is absolutely beautiful and I have already informed my boyfriend it is definitely coming with us and going up somewhere people can see it when we move in together.

Pepper is just the best pony I could ever imagine, he may not be a world beater but he always tries his best. I have known him since I was 15 and he was 10, he was at the riding school I used to ride at. There were times I said I would never buy him. As he's a bit strange and has never cantered right in a school! (Not deliberately and maintained it anyway). But when the riding school shut and I was offered him, it turned out I couldn't say no.

Over the last 3 and half years he has made me so happy and achieved things I never dreamed of: taking me to my first chamionships, going to riding club camp, going on my first sponsored rides, being on a riding club team, managing to complete my prize collection (rosettes, trophies and a sash!). 

He is my horse of a lifetime. Emily, March 2020



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