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Since I took up riding I always wanted my own horse. After a few years my parents gave in and agreed to help me buy one. We looked everywhere, with many disasters and falls, until my instructor at the tme told me about Leo, a 7yo IDxTB.

When I saw Leo the first time he was massive (17.2hh) and lived in a lady's back garden. I got on, and hacked him to a school and instantly felt safe. Within a week he was home with me.

We started off as happy hackers, until Leo came to university with me and I found a passion for dressage. Leo in no way shared my passion but was an honest horse and tried his heart out for me. He qualified for many championships throughout the years and always got some long hacks as a thank you. His favourite thing was a pub ride and he always enjoyed a pint of cider or an archers and lemonade! He even led other horses past scary things when he knew he was on his way to the pub!

7 years ago Leo injured himself and was turned away. After 2 years I decided I'd try him back in ligh hacking work which he loved.

Unfortunately for Leo, the old injuries got worse and old age creeped in. I made the hardest decision of my life, to let him go before he got to the stage when he was in too much pain. He was my best friend and soulmate who shared 16 years of my life.

Thanks to my necklace from Tail End Jewellery I'll always have him close, and a reminder of the good times we shared.

Paola, June 2016



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