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Where do I start.......

I got Hawk as a 2 year old (Clydesdale x Thoroughbred), he looked like he had been put together all wrong with a huge clades head, long skinny thoroughbred legs and a thin neck to boot! With all that said, I fell in love immediately. 

His character and bravery were amazing even from such a young age which continued through our 23 year partnership.

He was with me through senior school, starting my working career and into motherhood. This magical boy has played such an important part in my life, my mothers life and many others. 

Several years ago, he developed Cushings and this started to cause other issues (mainly his teeth falling out) which prevented him from eating hay. We managed as best we could and he started to thrive again, or as much as an old man can with limited teeth.

In late November 2020, I went to the stables after work to find his hind quarters bent on a 45 degree angle. Convinced he had suffered a stroke, I immediately called the vet. After examination, she informed me that he had in fact hurt his back (possibly from rolling on a rock in the field). 

We tried painkillers in his feed but this involved 20 paracetamol per feed which as most of us can vouch for, taste vile; this lead him to refusing to eat any feed, unable to eat hay and being stuck in his stable. After trying various things over several weeks, we made the hardest decision to let him be at peace.

Hawk will forever and always be my heart horse and nothing in this world can replace him so I was wanting something that would enable me to use his tail hair as a keepsake. After looking at numerous websites, I came across Tail End Jewellery and was agonising over which bracelets I was going to select when I found the horseshoe hearts. Immediately I knew....THAT IS IT! I had his last full set of shoes and his tail hair.

Several weeks later, I know have Hawks shoe hanging on the wall in my office, my mother has hers hanging in the hallway at home and Em has hers hanging in her bedroom.

I had 3 made into hearts and I can honestly say, each one is perfect. The care and attention to detail in each one is outstanding. I couldn't be happier!

Without a doubt, I would highly recommend having these done! Gemma, July 2021



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