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I still remember the day I met you. It was the day you were born and I had to cut the bag. From the moment I saw that funny coloured white thing I was hooked. I said Squishy, you will be mine and I am so proud to say that you are. I found out that you were for sale as they said you were the wrong colour. Well to me you are perfect and boy you were, as we went on to win at many shows because of your strange colour. Even my vet said that you were a strange colour - a cremelo with 4 white socks and a blaze. Your colour just made me love you even more and your funny ways - you would bow and squeak at the same time (never trained to) even with a rider on. 

We even got through a yard fire where we lost everything but luckily not you Celebrity.

She had some ace times on loan, giving it her all and making people so happy with showing and Pony Club jumping. Sadly at ther last loan home she was kicked and injured in her left stifle. We had 3 different vets out. The first said it was just a pulled muscle but when it didnt get better the next vet came and said she had fractured it. Still at the loan home miles away in Cornwall, I asked for X-ray's. The vet said she had more likely got a healing fracture on her knee cap and more damage in other places and recommended 4 weeks rest. However, after another chat it was decided not to put my beautiful girl through another 4 weeks of pain as it had been so long, so on 8th September she went over the rainbow bridge to become that funny cloured little unicorn I know shew is. 

She left a hoof print on my heart and I will love you Squishy forever and always x

Michaela, November 2016









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